The college has well established library which caters to the need of Intermediate, Undergraduate, and the faculty.The library functions on an open access for the faculty members. There are more than 10,000 books in it. The reference section has authentic dictionaries, general as well as subject specific encyclopedias, reference books.The books are stacked on open shelves and the students have free access to them.


Computer Center

MLSM College has a very well equipped computer center to cater to the needs of all the students and all the faculty in the college. Computer Center is housed, in a magnificent state-of-the-art building having specialized laboratories to provide variety of platforms and computing environment for all the students of the college as well as the faculty members.

Sports Department

“Success is how high you bounce when you hit bottom”. Nothing reflects this more than Sports. Sports department of MLSM College follows a motto for people who dare to try. Sports do not build character. It reveals it. And this has been proved time and again by the sports department of MLSM College. Performances of the students have never gone unnoticed and have been reaching to greater heights.​

Open Air Theatre

Open air theatre is a fine example of the integrated vision of the College. The open air space explores the possibility of a harmonious fusion of nature and enlightenment.The Open Air Theatre of MLSM College is meant for organizing Cultural Programs, Annual Functions, Youth Festivals

Hostel Boys

MLSM College Boys Hostel started to the needs of the students who are coming from far away places. Now, the hostel is very well equipped with modernized kitchen and huge dining hall. All the rooms are provided with cots, tables, chairs and ceiling fans. Good and well maintained rooms, corridors, bath and Water closets..

Cafeteria Area

Cafeteria is the hub of a college where students get together for chats, sharing notes, and let’s face it some attire parade, hitting on college mates, cribbing, cunning comments, and even making new relations. This is where the real college thrives and this is the place to be, where the smallest of the memories become memorable.